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Everything in flutter is widget

This is the statement your going to here or have been hearing ever since you started learning flutter and so did I, and thats absolutely correct statement. Flutter app are literally made up of differnt widgets weaved togather to give user a smooth exprience. And since they are everywhere it is important to have basics clear about what widgets are, and here is my viewpoint

In short, widget is component that describes the view to be shown on the screen(not always), it can describe properties like colours, size, background etc. …

Understanding how to interact with persistent data in Xcode

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Core Data is a framework provided by Apple to store app data locally. Basically you can consider it as a database under the hood but more powerful with some features to make developers’ life easier. Core Data offers different features such as storing, retrieving, and modifying data along with inbuilt versioning, cache support and undo/redo.

The main component of Core Data is its stack, which contains NSPersistentContainer, NSManagedObjectContext and NSPersistentStoreCoordinate, NSManagedObjectModel . Let's have a look at them individually.


NSPersistentContainer is a gateway through which you can access the other elements of Core Data stack. It creates and manages the…

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